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 Urban Development & Real Estate

Demand for private capital to fund real estate investments and support infrastructure is increasing. Competition in the industry is also increasing and the need for a proper management of the development process is becoming a pre-requisite for growth and success. In all stages of real estate development, from initiation to construction, and sales to operations, developers are expected to deal with optionality, risks, and uncertain drivers of value while operating across a variety of knowledge areas. A proper characterization of alternatives available for development is at the heart of enabling value creation for developers and a proper assessment of uncertainties and risks enables the maximization of stakeholder value.

Mindsets’ multi-disciplinary team undertakes a five-stage process that ensures that strategy, design, and other project management activities (communication, stakeholder management, surveys, sales, permitting, etc) progress simultaneously, enabling sound decision making and maximizing shareholder value as well as cross-learning amongst the tracks.

Mindsets and its sister company, SETS, accompany investors and developers throughout all stages of real estate and urban development projects, cross-learning amongst all project tracks to create optimal value.



Examples of how Mindsets can help players in the Urban Development and Real Estate industries are:

  • Developing optimal project development strategies for large landowners

  • Conducting market analysis

  • Supporting start-up of real estate arms for major conglomerates

  • Leading development opportunities for major investors

  • Managing the implementation of development strategies

  • Design and design management

  • Construction management

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