The transportation industry has begun transitioning from a perspective accepting services and assets as cost centers for the public sector to a perspective where they constitute potential revenue sources. From ports to airports, and roads to railways to parking solutions, the transportation industry has sought to leverage public-private partnerships and find innovative funding solutions to new projects, operations, and maintenance efforts.

The public sector has increasingly become aware of the need to prioritize capital and non-capital spending while maintaining focus on preserving stakeholder value. Meanwhile, innovative breakthroughs in transportation business models (e.g. Uber and Lyft) have enabled the industry to continue growth in new directions.

Through its partnership with SETS, Mindsets is at the forefront of advancements in the transportation sector and is particularly well-positioned to provide industry actors with the tools needed in order to develop strategies and create value in a time of immense innovation and transitioning business approaches.



Backed by a seasoned transportation engineering team, Mindsets can help players in the transportation industry along the entirety of the value chain. Some examples of work Mindsets has carried out in the sector:

  • Developing market entry strategies for new or expanding on-demand transportation companies

  • Supporting the public sector in designing PPPs and concession agreement terms

  • Supporting the private sector in valuing shares in existing transportation concessions

  • Supporting the private sector in bidding for concessions on transportation projects

  • Supporting the financial and economic evaluation of smart transportation solutions

  • Developing growth strategies for engineering consulting and construction firms with a transportation focus

  • Developing growth strategies and operating models for ports / airports operators

  • Developing pricing schemes for transportation services

  • Developing national transportation strategies

  • Conducting cost and schedule risk analysis workshops for transportation projects

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