After years of conventional oil and gas production dominating the energy landscape, upstream, midstream and downstream sectors have begun to face major challenges and transitions. Macro-economics, technology and environmental considerations are driving many of these changes.

For instance, cheaper solar energy is increasingly fueling large power production facilities at competitive price points. Better batteries are projected to continue to displace gasoline at a faster pace. Gasoline demand is expected to peak by 2020, mostly due to projections for an accelerated growth in market share from electric vehicles. Also, commercially viable unconventional O&G have partially contributed to major global energy prices adjustment since 2014 and virtual pipelines and LNG supertankers are transforming natural gas into a more global commodity. Capital intensity to develop new hydrocarbon discoveries is increasingly challenging with offshore becoming the central stage for exploration teams.

Through its core experts and diverse trusted affiliates, Mindsets is particularly well positioned to develop strategies and create value for clients across the energy value chain.



Examples of how Mindsets can help players in the Energy industry are:

  • Developing optimal strategies for investments in both production and facilities projects using best practice decision analysis principles

  • Developing and implementing O&G policy frameworks, including the structuring of Production Sharing Agreements, designing supporting governance and organization, and bid management

  • Supporting the private sector in market entry risk assessment

  • Supporting the private sector in bidding for concessions on O&G projects

  • Supporting the financial and economic evaluation of innovative energy solutions

  • Developing national energy strategies

  • Developing renewable energy portfolio mix for both the public sector and the private sector

  • Conducting cost and schedule risk analysis workshops for energy mega-projects, across the value chain.

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Major integrated upstream operator, North America & GCC

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