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 Strategic Management

By leveraging its decision analysis toolset, Mindsets develops an in-depth understanding of client objectives and works to develop strategies that maximize shareholder value. Mindsets’ strategy development services are offered to organizations of different maturity levels, ranging from start-up entrepreneurial ventures to corporate growth and penetration strategies for SMEs, large organizations, conglomerates, and holding groups aiming to diversify services and/or expand geographic presence. Corporate finance is also a key element of our services in strategy development, which involves financial restructuring and advising on the optimal capital structure.

Strategic planning is among the core services Mindsets provides to its clients, bringing a full range of services including the investigation of client needs, assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, benchmarking best practices, and analyzing industry trends. Mindsets’ scope of services also includes the alignment of strategic plans with high-level corporate strategies and assists clients in determining and crafting their corporate vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives, as well as defining corresponding key performance indicators (KPI)s and developing mechanisms to monitor and meet them. Initiatives and clear implementation roadmaps are developed to meet strategic objectives. Depending on client needs, various other services are provided, including the determination of authorities and responsibilities, milestones, and budget estimation.


Mindsets assists clients in developing business plans based on pre-determined strategies and strategic plans. Business plans are essential to successfully guiding work over a range of time, and to achieve strategic goals. A Mindsets-facilitated business plan will, additionally, outline key performance indicators, a client’s competitive advantage, target audience, the marketing and sales activities to be undertaken.

Mindsets brings a breadth of experience in developing operating models for a range of small and medium-sized companies. Companies have increasingly had to organize, professionalize, and develop strategically-designed structures in order for their operations to survive and grow in increasingly competitive local, regional, and global markets. Mindsets’ OM offerings cover a wide range of structural and governance matters that, combined, form the backbone of a competitive modern corporation. These include:

  • Corporate Structures

  • Ownership Structures

  • Share & Ownership Schemes

  • Board of Directors Formation, Governance Structures

  • Governance Charters and Internal Bylaws

  • Change Management

  • Organizational Structures and Charts

Clients with pre-defined strategies and/or strategic plan can benefit from Mindsets’ strategy realization services, through which we support in developing a specialized office of strategy management (OSM). The main role of the OSM is to Align (Change Management), Implement (Project Management) and Monitor (Performance Management) Strategy. We enhance performance management by developing dashboards for monitoring KPIs through balanced scorecards to track achievement of the strategic objectives and propose necessary refinements throughout the Strategy Implementation Cycle.

Mindsets assists clients in designing prioritized project portfolios in order to improve and optimize their performance and position them for success. In order to provide a comprehensive portfolio review, Mindsets’ team develops a keen understanding of the client’s corporate strategy and objectives, conducting in-depth analyses of the client’s current assets, processes, and capabilities. After analyzing existing capacities and constraints, Mindsets provides recommendations on the proper allocation of required resources and – in turn – projects, to guide the client in planning and executing subsequent next steps.

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