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 Risk Analysis

Stemming from Mindsets’ close relationship with the engineering and infrastructure industries, Mindsets has developed a key capacity to analyze cost and schedule risk. Regardless of sector, new project launches and business ventures require clients to make complex and uncertain decisions with various unforeseen risks affecting both financial and temporal costs. Mindsets’ Cost and Risk Analysis service:

  • Identifies uncertainties related to project schedule and cost

  • Measures the schedule and cost risks of carrying out a given project or launching a business

  • Develops contingencies and action plans for decreasing such costs

Mindsets’ risk offerings are numerous and diverse, allowing clients to comfortably rely on the team’s established process of identification, classification, and analysis of both internal and external risks affecting their businesses, projects, and new ventures. Over the past few years, global businesses have increasingly begun to seek nuanced and reliable insights into the risks in their environment and how they may affect operations, staff, and the bottom line. As such, Mindsets has moved beyond the highly controversial and quantitatively-heavy methods of risk assessment, developing methods that employ balanced tools tailored to each client’s industry, environment, and goals. Mindsets’ Risk Assessment offerings include a variety of services focused on political, security, economic, financial, operational, and internal risks.


Throughout its lifetime, every organization and every project faces numerous and interconnected risks with varying levels of complexity. As such, lots of value is often left on the table following a risk assessment. In order to address this, Mindsets offers integrated risk management services. Keen to ensure that its clients are not only aware of the risks they face but also proactively and preemptively prepared to face and manage them when they occur, Mindsets works with clients to design risk management plans aimed at reducing risks and increasing value. Mindsets offers a dual service aimed at (a) regularly or periodically updating our clients’ risk assessments, and (b) preparing risk management plans particular to each client’s situation and comprised of procedures and policies designed to ensure that clients are sufficiently prepared to face the risks to their operations and environment and manage them in a constructive manner.

Mindsets provides tailored analytical services to clients seeking in-depth studies on particular issues of concerns. These tailored services include analyses of industries and markets within specific geographies and across regions; global energy and trade outlooks; analyses of local, regional, and global events in the political, economic and security spheres; economic and geopolitical forecasting; policy recommendations to public sector clients on political, economic, security sector, and infrastructure reform; conflict dynamics; post-conflict reconstruction; emerging markets; energy sector dynamics, and more.

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