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Data-driven decision making is becoming the new norm for industries aiming to enhance executive and organizational practices, identify new markets and growth opportunities, and drive efficiencies through integrated planning processes. Mindsets has built a talent pool of researchers, data scientists and data analysts specialized in advanced analytics techniques including:

•  Data mining

•  Statistics, Econometrics & Modeling

•  Programming Language Processing

•  Artificial Intelligence and machine learning


Leveraging talent and new technology, Mindsets delivers high-performance analytics ranging from descriptive-diagnostic to predictive-prescriptive analytics, throughout each step of the analytics value chain:

•  Problem definition / framing

•  Solution approach / design

•  Data integration / preparation

•  Scoping / triage / supplier selection

•  Data analysis execution

•  Interpretation and synthesis

•  Presentation / communication

•  Action / change management

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have gained significant importance over the last decade. They are primarily perceived as means for governments and public authorities to leverage the private sector’s financing and operational capabilities. In turn, private entities gain from profit sharing and carefully allocated risk distribution. Several types of PPPs exist, ranging from the simple management contracts, to the more complex arrangements that shift a lot of weight to the private sector such as Design, build, finance and operate model. PPPs require attention at multiple levels, from multiple stakeholders: assessing whether a project is fit for a PPP, evaluating alternative PPP models, analyzing the most competitive bidding terms, etc…

Mindsets can support both public and private entities through a number of different tools and mechanisms along the entire PPP cycle.

With the public sector, Mindsets can support policy making as well as transaction analysis, evaluation, support and closure. Mindsets devises strategies necessary to deliver successful PPPs by structuring PPP models that optimize risk allocation to the party that can best control/manage it. It advises on economic, financial, legal and regulatory as well as technical requirements by leveraging its sister companies’ and affiliates’ expertise, all while building capacity and skills to empower teams.

With the private sector, Mindsets can support the design of bidding strategies starting with developing decision models to establish project feasibility under a range of terms to the determination of competitive bidding paramters.

Mindsets can also facilitate the formation of PPPs by bringing together the right stakeholders for specific opportunities.

A program management office (PgMO) is an administrative office that applies knowledge, skills, tools and techniques, to meet program (group of related projects) requirements, and oversee its success. Mindsets, jointly with its sister company SETS, offers a suite of services to support organizations in successfully managing their program by establishing and operating a PgMO; this will be based on domain requirements defined by the internationally recognized Project Management Institute (PMI), as follows:

  • Strategic Program Management: opportunities and benefits achieving the organization’s strategic objectives through program implementation.

  • Program Life Cycle: initiating, planning, executing, controlling & monitoring, and closing.

  • Benefits Management: defining, creating, maximizing, and sustaining the benefits provided by programs.

  • Stakeholder Management: capturing stakeholder needs and expectations, gaining and maintaining stakeholder support, and mitigating/channeling opposition.

  • Governance: establishing processes and procedures for maintaining proactive program management oversight and decision-making support for applicable policies and practices.

Together Mindsets and its sister company 3Summits  provide high quality training services to individuals and organizations of all sizes within the private and public sectors, which contributes to enhancing their HR capabilities. Our expert trainers develop on-demand training and development plans tailored to the organization’s needs, customized based on the organization’s focus and perspective, and target a wide range of key areas, some of which are:

  • Soft skills

  • Coaching

  • Leadership

  • Negotiation

  • Conflict management

  • Risk analysis

  • Regulatory affairs management

  • Finance

  • Decision analysis

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Supply change management

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Human resources

Mindsets/3Summits support clients developing their HR capacity by identifying and attracting the right highly qualified candidates for the vacant positions. Mindsets/3Summits participate in the recruitment process by developing job descriptions and job requirements/qualifications, shortlisting CVs based on pre-determined selection criteria, interviewing selected candidates, and recommending appropriate candidates.

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