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 Investment Analysis

Mindsets team works with clients to confidently make investment decisions and validate the soundness of potential investments. Mindsets’ due diligence process aims to analyze the competitive landscape and understand market dynamics by conducting in-depth research, coupled with advisement from industry experts and key stakeholders and influencers. The team identifies risks and opportunities, in turn assessing the value at stake in order to validate the client’s investment decision.

Mindsets’ valuation services aid clients in determining the value of their company or assets. The refined valuation process is also employed to inform asset investors on the value of their potential investments and encompasses carrying out an objective valuation exercise or providing an independent review for an internal value assessment. Mindsets’ valuation process may be carried out as a complement to its due diligence services in order to arrive at a fair and financially adequate value.

Mindsets works with clients to develop winning M&A strategies that delivers superior returns and an increase in value to their companies. Depending on the company’s broader corporate strategy, Mindsets designs M&A strategies that position clients for grow and effective competitiveness within their industries. The Mindsets team partners with clients throughout the full M&A lifecycle and employs a proactive approach to careful planning, due diligence, valuation, and negotiation.

Mindsets helps clients take a comprehensive look at their portfolio of assets, assess the alignment of its components with the company’s strategic positioning and accordingly determine whether and which asset, or part of an asset, should be shed. Once this is set, Mindsets helps clients structure an exit strategy that maximizes value. Mindsets’ advisory services guide clients along all stages of the divestiture process: valuing the business to be divested, structuring deals, identifying potential buyers and supporting negotiations until the full transition has been successfully made.

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