Support during Bidding on BOT Concession for ATVAM/SAHER System

  Location: KSA


Client: Dallah Trans Arabia Co.

  Year: 2006-2007

The Automated Traffic Violations Administering & Monitoring (ATVAM) project entails incorporating law enforcement, traffic management, and security systems for improved tra c and security in major KSA cities and provinces. This ambitious scheme aims at improving traffic safety by means of deploying an automated system for traffic violations administering and monitoring; enhancing road network capacity by improving traffic mobility; devising innovative mechanisms for funding traffic management schemes, and promoting security with the use of automated vehicle monitoring and recognition systems. Mindsets/SETS played a significant role in supporting one of the main bidding groups of suppliers - Dallah Trans Arabia - on the ATVAM Project, which involved (i) Identifying, assessing, negotiating with, and reaching agreements with and preparing the scope of work for various entities forming part of the bidding Group, and supporting the Group in discussions, negotiations, and contractual arrangements with all selected entities; (ii) Managing the bid preparation up to final compilation of bid documentation; and, (iii) Undertaking all required studies and analyses leading to the financial studies and bidding parameters of the Group. The Group was awarded a contract to install and operate the SAHER system in one of the 3 Saudi Provincial Geographic Regions.