Program Management for Makkah Central Area Transport & Traffic Studies

  Location: KSA


Client: Ministry of Higher Education

  Year: 2008-2009

The Makkah Central Area (MCA) Transport & Traffic Studies aimed at devising a set of physical and operational solutions to enhance access to/egress from the expanded Holy Haram and improve circulation in its environs. Mindsets/SETS was commissioned by the Ministry of Higher Education of KSA to undertake the program management of the transport and tra c studies aimed at the development of short and long term integrated solutions for the Makkah Central Area (MCA). SETS’s team of specialists, engineers, as well as world-renowned experts undertook the following tasks: (i) Development of a “Makkah Transport Kit” as a starting point for the studies; (ii) Development of a comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database of previous studies, projected tra c and pedestrian activities, and base maps of Makkah; (iii) Technical management of the work of 5 leading international consultancies (Parsons Brinckerho , Aecom, Systra, SDG, and IBI Group) in developing the transport solutions for Makkah. SETS’ responsibilities included developing the terms of reference; reviewing proposals; coordinating and supervising the work of the consultants as well as reviewing and approving submittals; and, (iv) Leading the e ort undertaken by the MoHE team, the consultants, and the potential contractor to develop a synthesized “Transport Strategy” for the MCA, and supporting the execution of large-scale physical models to depict the strategy.