Land Development Strategy

  Location: Lebanon


Client: Ariss Family

A private client who owns a 200,000 sqm piece of undeveloped land in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley has commissioned Mindsets to determine an optimal development strategy for the land and set a roadmap for the strategy implementation.

The land development strategy is supported by risk assessment, stakeholder management, and due diligence activities. Further, Mindsets has conducted site surveys including traffic assessment, topographic and geotechnical studies, in addition to an in-depth market study focused on socio-economic dynamics, supply and demand, local preferences. In addition to residential functions, alternative commercial functions (renewable energy, recreational, etc.) are being investigated, while considering creative development themes, design typologies, and development strategies. Themes and typologies are visualized through master plan options. Further, Mindsets' team is testing the feasibility of the alternative strategies through a field survey and a flexible financial model, enhanced by core inputs from the market and technical studies.