Design of PPP Operating Model and Procurement Support for ATVAM / SAHER System

  Location: KSA


Client: Ministry of Interior

The Automated Traffic Violations Administering & Monitoring (ATVAM) project entails incorporating law enforcement, tra c management, and security systems for improved tra c and security in major KSA cities and provinces. This ambitious scheme aims at improving tra c safety by means of deploying an automated system for tra c violations administering and monitoring; enhancing road network capacity by improving tra c mobility; devising innovative mechanisms for funding tra c management schemes, and promoting security with the use of automated vehicle monitoring and recognition systems. Individual experts from Mindsets/SETS were part of the consulting team which undertook the following scope of work: (i) Assessment of existing tra c management systems, (ii) Review and selection of suitable technologies and preparation of functional design & system design, (iii) Preparation of a ‘Request for Proposal’ for the implementation of the designed systems on a Build- Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, and (iv) Preparation of technical specifications for the Command & Control Center (CCC).