Mindsets is a global strategy and decision advisory firm that provides decision makers with the services necessary to manage complexity, achieve clarity, and make sound strategic decisions. Ultimately, Mindsets aims to reveal opportunity and maximize stakeholder value.

Observing a growing demand for strategic consulting in the engineering industry, Mindsets was born through a partnership with its sister company, SETS International, a rising global engineering consultancy. Since its creation, Mindsets has set out to create a powerhouse, bringing together a team with decades of combined international and multidisciplinary experience to serve its presence on four continents and to meet the needs of various sectors.

Driven by a keen sense for revealing hidden value and opportunities, Mindsets employs a mix of quantitative and qualitative analytical tools to provide high-quality analysis and delivers strong results to its clients in its areas of expertise: Strategic Management, Investment Analysis, Risk Assessment, and Data Analytics. In addition to its core services, Mindsets’ team offers various tailored services, drawing on the team’s wide experiences in simplifying and managing complexity for a variety of public and private clients in the Middle East, Europe, the United States, and beyond.

Mindsets supplements its core team of strategy consultants with a network of trusted affiliates and leverages its in-house talent with strong partnerships with sister companies. Mindsets’ network of affiliates brings specialized knowledge in various fields, while its sister companies, SETS and 3Summits, provide technical expertise that is leveraged to provide in-house expert solutions to the engineering and infrastructure sectors as well as in corporate training and human development initiatives. This diverse pool of resources has given Mindsets great flexibility in dealing with projects of different natures and scales. Complementing Mindsets’ core skills and capacities, these resources are streamlined through Mindsets’ Dialogue Decision Process, which ensures that best practices in facilitative leadership are employed in situations with high stakeholder complexity.


  • We enable quality decision making
  • We leverage our sister companies' expertise
  • We develop fit for purpose strategies
  • We are multi-disciplinary
  • We are multi-cultural
  • We combine global knowledge with local expertise


  • Ranked 176 on ENR's "Top 225 International Design Firms in 2017" delivering multi-disciplinary engineering solutions to prestigious clients across the MENA region

  • Deep experience in transportation systems and program management

  • 5 offices, 300 employees, 100s of projects

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3SUMMITS is a training and consulting firm based in Lebanon and offering individual & corporate capacity building and advisory services in the fields of marketing, HR, supply chain management, strategy and pharmaceuticals.

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Tiqany is a facility management company with a dedication to do whatever it takes in order to offer its clients an unrivaled quality of service. Tiqany offers two additional service lines: Wakilni for door-to-door services and Pearl for cleaning services.

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On behalf of the team at Mindsets, I welcome you to our portal. This website is designed to introduce you to our team, our key services and the industries we focus on. As a young strategy and decision consulting organization Mindsets is naturally nimble, flexible and most importantly committed to excellence. As a strategic partner with SETS, an ENR top 225 global design firm, Mindsets is also a mature organization with seamless access to technical expertise and global presence. We take pride in our ability to couple strategy design, investment analysis, risk analysis and data analytics with engineering excellence and understanding of local contexts. We hope you find your visit to our webpage informative. Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rayan Khraibani - Mindsets Managing Partner
 Rayan Khraibani, PhD

Managing Partner

 Hesham Osman, PhD


 Farah Mneimneh


 Bassel Dabbousi


 Rawan Hijazi

Senior Consultant

 Danial Kaysi

Senior Consultant

 Zakaria Abbas

Senior Consultant

 Dina Saad, PhD

Senior Consultant

 Raymond Noga

Senior PPP financing expert

 Bacel Maddah, PhD

Supply Chain Management expert

 Toufic Soudaiha

Legal Advisory Expert

 Kevin Carpenter

Decision Analysis Expert for Energy

 Isam Kaysi, PhD

Board Member - Senior Advisor

 Fadi Darwish

Board Member - Senior Advisor